CMX Standards

CMX Standards

CMX includes the following subject areas:  

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Arts Education, Health and PE, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Languages.  These resources will display the student’s U.S. state standards or a select set of International standards if the student is located outside the U.S.

Please inquire about standards for your geographic area.


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Examples of additional standard sets available:

  • Common Core standards
  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • National Council for Social Studies standards (NCSS)
  • National Standards for Arts Education (NSAE)
  • National Health Education Standards [NHES] and National Standards for Physical Education [NASPE]
  • American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages [ACTFL]

Curious about how a particular resource aligns to standards?  Look for the graduation cap icon. It will link you to the academic standards to which the resource is aligned.