CMX Educator Integration

CMX Educator Integration

Before there was the CMX, there was the Curriculum Matrix.

We created CMX because we realized there was a very real need for a slimmed down, easy-to-use version of the Curriculum Matrix that students could interface with.

Curriculum MatrixThe Curriculum Matrix is a teacher-driven online repository of digital resources.  Teachers use the Curriculum Matrix to find differentiated content to assist K-12 students at all levels of learning. 
Inside the Curriculum Matrix, educators have access to over 500,000 grade-specific digital resources aligned at the lowest level of standards, including the Common Core standards, your state standards, and even international standards.  View a breakdown of digital resources by subject area.

Easy Student Enrollment

With the creation of the CMX, teachers can enroll their students and easily make individual or group assignments to their students.  Students are notified of assignments with the CMX and can pick up and proceed with completing assignments within CMX.  Teachers are also able to monitor assignment completion.

With the Curriculum Matrix, it is easy to:

  • Access and search targeted content for a specific learning need;
  • Build lessons, content libraries or packages for targeted learning groups;
  • Share curriculum with students, substitutes, other educators whenever needed;
  • Assign content that will motivate a specific learning style;
  • Engage students with content that is identified for a targeted learning level

Detailed list of Curriculum Matrix features

  1. Curriculum Plan Builder: Template-driven technology and an online editing tool
  2. Standards in the Curriculum Matrix®: Inclusion of any standard set identified by the teacher or a district. Standards are all reviewed for alignment and display associated lessons.
  3. Correlation Tool: Align any piece of user generated content or additional resource using the EdGate Alignment System.
  4. Search Tool: Pre-loaded with 500,000 grade-specific lessons, assessments and resources. The search function allows teachers to search by standard, content, curricular concept or textbook (optional).
  5. Publisher Content (District Subscription): If publisher content has been aligned by EdGate and the District holds a subscription to that content, access may be integrated within the Curriculum Matrix®.
  6. Textbook Alignments (Optional): A Table of Contents index for any of the 400 textbooks indexed in the EdGate Repository.
  7. Curriculum Collaboration Tools: Every user has the ability to use Web 2.0 functions to comment, share and evaluate content.
  8. Professional Development Content (Optional): A District may opt to add the Professional Development version of the Curriculum Matrix® which allows teachers to access Professional Development standards and content that specifically addresses continuing education for educators, including Best Practices.
  9. Customer Care: The EdGate team is always ready to help and provides the following to support end-users:

Help Document and FAQ’s published in the Customer Care system

    • Help Ticket Procedure to ensure that your questions are answered immediately

    Our Twitter feed provides users with updates about content and changes to the Curriculum Matrix®.